New Music Spotlight: Dan + Shay

I recently discovered a new country duo that I’m really enjoying: Dan + Shay. Just a quick side note: I have the habit of skipping song after song when I’m listening to music on shuffle. The debut single from this duo, “19 You + Me,” came up on my radio a number of times before I actually stopped to listen to it, and I finally discovered what I had been missing.

Even though I would consider myself a die hard country music fan, there are certain styles that are starting to wear on me. Some of the music is to focused on partying, girls in tight blue jeans, and pickup trucks. That’s all fine and dandy, because after all, that is somewhat the tone of country music. What I like about this track by Dan + Shay is that it’s got a deeper message and sound to it. “19 You + Me” has the overall theme of a first love during summer. Call it cliche’, but I enjoy it.

I’m a fan of Hunter Hayes and Rascal Flatts, and I feel like the musical stylings of Dan + Shay is close to that of these two acts. All three groups have very similar themes to their music, and I think the vocals sound very much like Hunter Hayes.

The duo is made up of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, who began writing together after they met in 2012. Their first album “Where it All Began,” is set to drop on April 1. Currently three tracks have been released to the public. In addition to “19 You + Me,” “What You Do to Me,” and “Show You Off” are available for purchase.

Dan + Shay are currently out on tour, opening for Hunter Hayes on his “We’re Not Invisible” tour along with “The Voice” winner Danielle Bradbury. If the rest of this new album is as good as these first three songs, they will be headlining their own tour in no time.


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