Bad Photographs

Over the years, there have been some photographs that continue to run in a newspaper without newsworthiness. These photos are only important to friends, relatives and employees of those who are in the photo, but are usually space-wasters in a paper. A great alternative to boring photos is capturing real people doing real things. Below is a list of clichéd photographs that often appear in newspapers but should be avoided.


The “Grip and Grin”

These include presidents or administrators handing a plaque or check to a deserving candidate. This is anyplace people pass checks, cut ribbons or hand out diplomas. To avoid this, plan ahead. If someone does something worth a trophy, take a picture of him or her doing it!


Photo from rcollins. Used by Creative Commons License.

Photo from rcollins. Used by Creative Commons License.


The Execution at Dawn

Club members, sports teams or award winners shouldn’t line up against a wall for a posed photograph. Just like the Grip & Grin, the photographer should move out into the real world where these people actually do what makes them interesting.


The Guy at his Desk

The different variations of this include: the guy on the phone, the guy on the computer, the guy in the doorway and the guy leaning on the sign in front of the building. To avoid these boring shots, find him something to do or shoot a portrait.


The “Bored” Meeting

A group of politicians or school officials talking at a meeting is boring! Instead, run mug shots and quotes of the most important speakers. You could even find out in advance what is important to this meeting, then go shoot a photo of that topic.



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