Finding the Motivation to Run

I have found that people hear and know how good running can be for you and your body, but yet it is so easy for them to resist doing it. I can honestly say that there are weeks where I make myself run even if I don’t want to and I’m so happy I did it when I’m done. Then there are weeks where it’s a major struggle making myself do it. You always find an excuse to keep yourself from strapping on those running shoes. Here are 8 tips from professional runners to help motivate yourself to get out there:

8. Buy new shoes. Lacing them up and smelling the “new shoe” smell will make you feel like it’s a new start, and give you the motivation you need.

7. Set goals and be accountable. We’re humans; we like routines. Find a way to fit running into your daily schedule. If you can, try to choose a consistent running schedule. If you are not much of a morning person, than don’t stress yourself out trying to wake up at 5 a.m. to go for a run. Go when you feel most comfortable. If you’re just starting out, think realistically. You’re probably not going to be able to run 6 miles a day. Find your schedule, pick an easy pace, and go!

6. Register for a race. Nothing motivates you more than a competitive race with other competitors.

5. Run with a buddy. If you run a few times a week with a friend, it makes you feel even more guilty when you think you’re just going to sleep in or take the day off.

4. Try Zen running. People tend to get too wrapped up in numbers and statistics when it comes to running. They have no idea how exhilarating it can be to just shut off your mind and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

3. Change it up! Find different routes to take on your runs so that your’e not looking at the same scenery every time. Also try varying how long you run.

2. Go exploring! Changing your run from an exercise activity to an adventure can change how running means to you.

1. Listen to music and use other motivational gadgets. Music while running is seriously a God send! It completely distracts you from boredom, and helps distract you from the aches and pains you will get while running.

Running can do soooooo many amazing things for you!!


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