Running Relieves Stress

Charles W. Bryant says, “In general, exercise is a fundamental part of leading a healthy and fit life. Even if you’re thin, you aren’t in good shape if exercise isn’t apart of your routine.” I feel like this is such a huge statement in my life. I’ve never felt like I was super skinny, or was 100% comfortable with my body. However, I have gotten myself to love working out and feeling active. I may still eat what I want here and there, but at least I fit exercise in my daily routine.

Your body needs exercise. Running helps you shed at least 100 calories per mile. It really doesn’t matter how fast you run, it’s how far you can push yourself to go. The person next to you may be able to run faster than you, but they may not be able to run farther than you. However, if they can then they may just have trained longer than you. Everyone moves at their own pace. Running is also good for lowering your blood pressure. It makes sure your arteries stay nice and elastic.

To get to the point of this blog, running has many psychological benefits as well. For starters, running is a great opportunity to leave you alone with your thoughts. If you’re having an issue at work, at school, with your family or significant other, it gives you the time to just be by yourself and take advantage of the “me” time.

Another wonderful thing about running is that it releases a flood of Endorphins.  As you probably already know, endorphins are the “feel good” hormones. When they are released throughout the body, not only do you feel better, but it slows the aging process, reduces anxiety, and enhances the immune system.

Running does such amazing things to your body! Don’t run to lose weight or be skinnier, run to life a better, happier life.


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