Travel tips for tourists

Travelling abroad can seem daunting at first, but blogs like Huffington Post Travel and Wandering Educators offer a variety of tips on how to make travel virtually painless. Here are some of their most frequently mentioned tips:

1. Learn the language– At least taking a basic class can help during travel. Not everyone you come across will speak English. Wandering Educators said being able to ask for directions or say “please” and “thank you” can make a huge difference during your trip.

2. Watch your tone- Experiences travelers recommend speaking quietly and avoiding attention, especially when commenting on anyone or anything within hearing distance.

3. Know what gestures to avoid- In the U.K., an inward facing peace sign is the equivalent of an American middle finger. Flashing a pair of crossed fingers in Vietnam is considered to be as vulgar as flashing your privates. In short, read up on your destination’s customs before traveling.

4. Do as the locals d0– “I’m not from here” is not an excuse for behaving poorly or failing to follow customs. This also applies for dining: Why go to a McDonald’s when you’ve got endless options in Italy?

5. Do not over-do the brew- As mentioned before, do not aim to draw attention to yourself when traveling abroad. Besides, getting belligerently drunk is rude in any country.


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