Rule of Thirds

Imagine breaking an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically so that you have nine parts.

The most important parts of the image should go in one of the four intersecting points on the grid. The lines of the grid also provide useful positions for elements in your photo.


Photo by Gina Volk

Photo by Gina Volk


When using the rule of thirds, it’s always best to compose the photograph in the camera. This will help avoid cropping later to maintain the quality of the photograph.

By placing the points of interest in these areas, the photo becomes more balanced and will help the viewer interact with it more naturally. When viewing images, people’s eyes usually go to the intersection points most naturally rather than the center.

The rule of thirds is a great composition tool for making photos interesting and dynamic. It creates a sense of balance and complexity.

However, sometimes rules are meant to be broken. There are situations where it might be better to ignore the rule of thirds. Ultimately, ask yourself what is special about the subject, and what do I want to emphasize?


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