Let’s Get Started

As I stated before I will be keeping the class posted on men’s fashion this semester. Men’s fashion can be a very debatable topic because just like there are all types of men out there, there are all types of styles that come along with them. My fashion blog will not only take a look into popular men’s clothing, but it will also take a look at the wardrobes of some fashionably inclined males from today and of the past. Fashion is something that changes over time due to self-expression as well as progression of time, and that is exactly what I plan to do with my fashion blogs. I plan to go through the timeline of men’s fashion and I will keep us updated on what’s “in”, what’s “out”, and what could possibly be making a comeback. I will go through wardrobes analyzing, critiquing, and complementing any piece of clothing that stands out to me or represents something. My blog will also include a “finesse god” of the hour category. In this category there will be one male who is acknowledged for his superb fashion sense.


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