Watch My Feet


One aspect of fashion that has been a heavy weight since the beginning of fashion is of course, the shoe. Shoes are in many cases a deal breaker in whether a person’s outfit is “Dope” or “Nope”. Coming in several different styles, shoes sometime alone can make an outfit. It is said that you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes and in a lot of cases this may be true.

If you wear big dirty boots all the time, one can assume that you are into maintenance or some sort of heavy lifting. But if you’re in Stacy Adams all the time one may conclude that you possibly have an office job. Either way it goes you see how easy it was to categorize those people just by a shoe name and description. What does your shoes say about you? Whether you are a shoe fanatic or not it is always good to have a variety, just like anything else. Myself for example, although I am not into shoes as much as others may be, I do have several pair for different occasions. There is the casual gym shoe/everyday shoe (or in my case, the Timberland boot), the nice casual loafer or boat shoe as they are now called, and lastly the dress shoe for business and formal purpose. By having these three shoes in your wardrobe you never have to worry about your “shoe-game”.


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