“All Gold Everything”

GOLDAlthough clothes are usually the main reason behind putting an outfit on, an important factor to back that is jewelry. Jewelry has always gone hand and hand with fashion, it normally represents status. Whether it is a thick gold rope, or a large pinky ring, jewelry is implemented to accent your clothing.

Though we all love jewelry and think it’s valuable, there are many cases when jewelry can be over used. In most cases looking to flashy is never a good thing depending on where you are. But it never hurts to have a chain or two.

Chains, rings, watches, earrings, and even bracelets are all items that have the power to draw attention away from your whole outfit and this is why “less is normally more!” Gold is one of the most popular kinds of jewelry, and it can be the most expensive. Though it can be expensive I would be lying if I said it was nothing nice to look at, therefore I’d definitely make an investment in it.


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