Don’t Sweat this Weather!

SweatersSimilar to the spring jacket, another piece of clothing you must possess in order to get through this weather transition period is a sweater or two. Many times when people think about sweaters they instantly think Bill Cosby or Mr. Rogers, but these were only a few sweater pioneers.  Sweaters are one of those items that come in handy no matter what the weather is (Except blazing heat of course).

The nice thing about a cozy sweater is the fact that it can come in either a casual pullover style, button up, or even a zip-up. With this as your advantage, one can use a sweater as a jacket or just a normal top. Either way a person decides to wear it, a sweater is always something clutch to have in your wardrobe. Normally popular around Christmas time, sweaters can be added to almost any style you are going for and enhance it.


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