Finesse God #4

asap-rocky-mr-porter-2Every generation has that one individual whose fashion sense is a little questionable. In the past we’ve had people like Prince and Rick James, and today we have ASAP Rocky. Though questionable at times, ASAP Rocky’s style is one that is unique and for this reason, he receives the Finesse God award. ASAP Rocky is a relatively new artist but his style is not for rookies. ASAP Rocky has been caught making some of the latest fashion statements and even ones he’s made up on his own. Receiving much criticism for his appearance on 106 and Park in what appeared to be a dress, Rocky continues to go his own way with his fashion sense. As seen in the photo below, ASAP Rocky displays his unique fashion sense through his metallic blue raincoat, along with his circle framed white shades. Style is something that is self assessed and obviously from looking at ASAP we can assume that as long as your comfortable in what you have on, you’re fine.


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