Finesse God #7

Pharrell-Williams-by-Terry-Richardson-GQ-style-magazine-November-2013-11-360nobsBeing in the music industry for over 15 years and not aging one bit, the latest Finesse God award goes to Pharrell Williams. Williams is a rapper, producer, philanthropist, as well as a fashion designer and I guess this explains his great sense of style. Williams is another one of those individuals whose style changes up, and even when it changes it is still something to admire. Being on the cover of April’s GQ Magazine, Williams explains how he dresses in an interview. From street clothes to formal, Williams, can almost wear anything and still pull it off. Pioneering trends such as Ice Creams (shoes) and his clothing line Billionaires Boys Club, Williams has made his mark in the fashion industry. In his article in GQ Magazine he stresses how important it is to be confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear, and this will make people admire your individuality.


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