Hunter Hayes Song Review: Storyline

Recently, Hunter Hayes released the title track from his latest album, Storyline, set to drop on May 6. Out of the three tracks currently released from this record, I think this one may be my favorite.

Being a journalism major, I enjoy writing, which is partly why I think this song appeals to me so much. The lyrics tell the story of a boy and girl who break away from what society tells them their relationship should be and write the story on their own.

The chorus says, “You and I can fall as hard as we want/make the story all our own and blow Shakespeare’s mind/it’s ours to write/ it’s our love and it’s our life/ and right or wrong we’ll write our own storyline”

Photo from Flickr user tncountryfan

Photo from Flickr user tncountryfan

I think the concept of this song is very meaningful. So many people in today’s society are so influenced and defined by what their peers, the media, or culture tells them that they lose who they truly are. We shouldn’t be afraid to forge our own path and strive to be something great.

Even though this track focuses on the romantic relationship between a boy and a girl, I think the lyrics can be taken to heart and applied to all different parts of life. The part I like the most about the chorus is the part that says “right or wrong, we’ll write our own storyline.” What we choose to do in life may not always be the right decision, but at least we had the guts to stand up for ourselves and make that decision, and not let someone else do it for us. Our life is our alone to live, and if we spend most of it worrying about pleasing others or living our life for someone’s approval, we’ll miss out and not have lived to the fullest.

These powerful words are set to a fun, upbeat melody reminiscent of many of Hayes’s other songs. Infused with mandolin and acoustic guitar, this song is a country-pop fusion common to Hayes’ musical style. It’s possible he played all the instruments on this song, as he is proficient in more than 30 instruments. He is the only musician featured on his debut CD, Hunter Hayes.

Once again, Hunter Hayes shows his musical and lyrical talent with this song, Storyline. I’ve been very pleased with what I have heard so far off the album of the same name, and I can’t wait to hear all of it when it drops on May 6.

Video from Hunter Hayes’s youtube channel.


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