Knicks fire Woody

Mike WoodsonThe New York Knicks announced Monday that Mike Woodson would not return next season. It isn’t a surprise that he was let go after the team clearly at times this season did not listen to him. The team will now try to figure out who to bring in to replace him. Steve Kerr has been rumored to be an option.

In the eastern conference playoffs, the Indiana Pacers trail the Atlanta Hawks 2-1. The Miami Heat lead their sees against the Charlotte Bobcats 2-0. The Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets are tied at a game apiece. The Washington Wizards lead the Chicago Bulls 2-0.

In the west, the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks have one win in the series. The Oklahoma City Thunder Trail the Memphis Grizzlies 2-1. The Los Angeles Clippers lead the Golden State Warriors 2-1 as well. Lastly, the Houston Rockets trail the Portland Trail Blazers 0-2.

The Raptors will head to Brooklyn for game 3 tonight. The Bulls will also head to Washington, and the Rockets will face Portland tonight.

Tomorrow, the Pacers will try to even their series with the Hawks. Also the Heat will play the Bobcats, Spurs will head to Dallas and the Thunder will try to even the series with the Grizzlies tomorrow.

On Sunday game 4 of the Bulls-Wizards, Clippers-Warriors, Raptors-Nets and Rockets-Trail Blazers series will be played.


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