Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil incorporates dark imagery in new music video

Lacuna Coil

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About a month after Lacuna Coil released its seventh studio album “Broken Crown Halo,” fans are finally seeing deeper into the Italian metal band’s vision for the material with a music video for the song “I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name).”

The band posted a link to the video Tuesday via its Facebook page, proving that absolutely no one else could make a chess match look quite as bad-ass.

One of the first things viewers will notice is that drummer Cristiano “Criz” Mozzati and guitarist Cris “Pizza” Migliore are present in the video even after the Valentine’s Day announcement of their departure.

One can only assume the video was recorded beforehand, seeing as the two musicians were also recorded on the album.

That awkwardness aside, the visual element that jumps out most is the black and white imagery the band is so well known for.

The first sequence in the video is of a chessboard, soon revealing a match between vocalist Cristina Scabbia and other members of the band who rotate in as Scabbia defeats them all.

The chessboard at first begs the question of how Lacuna Coil is going to tie that symbol into the content of the song (I still don’t understand how the cats tie into “Trip the Darkness”).

But it soon becomes clear that Scabbia is demonstrating the mental advantage someone gains from forgiving someone, as she remains cool and all the losers wind up flipping the board over in anger.

Also keeping with the black and white scheme, members don marching-band style striped jackets, and though they are somewhat reminiscent of the whole “Black Parade

” fiasco, the Italian in them certainly makes these outfits a notch classier.

As for the black boa-style feathers around Scabbia’s neck—she’s just about the only person who could pull that look off and make it look good.

Scabbia is great at making her singing look incredibly intense and emotional, both on stage and in music videos.

This video definitely makes for a meaningful visual depiction of the song rich in the dark imagery and symbolism Lacuna Coil loves to experiment with so much.

And if anyone cares what I think about the album, check out my review.


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