Alissa White-Gluz

The Agonist vocalist change brings new musicians to light

Alissa White-Gluz

Photo of current Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz from

When Canadian melodic death metal band The Agonist announced vocalist Alissa White-Gluz would be leaving the band for good and joining forces with Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy, I was surprised and saddened to say the least.

I have been telling people for probably the past year that The Agonist is my favorite band, and now with this member change, I have to re-evaluate my whole position on the group.

Both White-Gluz and The Agonist as a whole have had a big influence on me since I first read about them in an issue of Revolver magazine.

I even wear my black and red The Agonist belt every day (It’s the only one I own at this point).

This band gave me one of my first tastes of melodic death metal, a genre I instantly became addicted to.

This kind of music can take your mind to so many different places, both through the vocals and instrumentation; you will be dragged into the pits of heaviness and carried unexpectedly into melodic serenity.

White-Gluz’s vocal dynamic complemented The Agonist’s sound perfectly; she is known for her ability to transition from deep, guttural singing and screaming to soft, clean-cut singing.

And excuse my unnecessary text lingo, but OMG the lyrics—they were so dark and complex and poetic that I would read each song over again and find new meaning every time.

As I researched more about White-Gluz, I found out that many of these lyrics reflect her views on animal rights.

As someone who had been considering veganism for a long time, finding out someone in a bad-ass metal band could pull off being vegan and still be highly respected helped give me the push I needed to actually go through with it (There are surprisingly a lot of notable vegan musicians).

However, I still am a fan of both the instrumentalists in The Agonist and White-Gluz as a singer, and now that it has been brought to my attention, Arch Enemy is an incredible group as well.

I’m just pissed that I will never be able to see the entire band together live, but I will get over that I’m sure.

Now that both groups have been released a few songs (The Agonist with a new vocalist as well), I will have to dig in and evaluate their merits, or at least what I think based on my personal tastes.

I will be posting my opinions shortly.



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