Headshots are important portraits for any professional. Clients like to know visualize a prospective employee, especially for models and actors. Basically, a headshot embodies a person’s appearance from the shoulders up.

Photo by Gina Volk

Photo by Gina Volk


Focus on eyes

The eyes should be sharp and crisp in your shot because they are the most defining aspect of the face. Powerfully capturing the eyes draws in the viewer and creates a strong connection.


Watch the angles

For a more delicate look, shoot downward to make the eyes appear larger. To emphasize strength and achievement, shoot slightly up.


Use diffused light

The skin is a central feature. Use diffused light to bring out the definition in the face without highlighting blemishes.



Avoid mid to wide angle lenses because they will distort the subject. Instead use a 90 mm and above.



Your subject’s facial expression should match the purpose of the headshot. Also, make them feel comfortable and engage in conversation to create natural looks.



Information from:

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