Improving yourself as a photographer

1. Always have a camera on you, just in case.

A great photo opportunity does not wait for you. Never get stuck in a “I wish I had my camera with me” scenario.


2. Backgrounds are just as important as the subject

Pay attention to your background. Ask yourself if the background distracts or enhances the main focus of the picture.


3. See everything in terms of light

Start noticing light, its qualities, the shadows it makes and how this light affects your photos.


4. Put your heart into your work

Shoot from your heart so your images will be more powerful. People will be able to relate to your photos emotionally.


5. Make photographs

Start thinking like a painter. Focus on making something, not just taking a picture. You make a photograph.


6. Ask yourself why

Question your motives of why you want to be a photographer. By knowing your motives, your photography path will be clearer. What is it about photography that attracts you so much?


Information from:

Duong, Olivier. “10 Photography Tips to Help You Take Your Photography up a Level.” Digital Photography School RSS. Digital Photography School, Web. 1 May 2014. <;.


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