Three game 7’s scheduled for the weekend

There will be a few game 7’s that will be played on Saturday in the NBA.

The first game 7 will be The Indiana Pacers hosting the Atlanta Hawks who have already won two games on the Pacers home floor.

Next, the Thunder will play the Memphis Grizzlies in their do or die matchup. The Grizzlies will be without Zach Randolph, who was suspended earlier today for throwing a punch in yesterday’s game. The Grizzlies’ Mike Conley may be out as well since he suffered a hamstring injury last night.

The last game 7 of Saturday will be in Los Angeles with the Clippers facing the Golden State Warriors.

Tonight, the Toronto Raptors will try to closeout their series with the Nets in Brooklyn. Then The Dallas Mavericks at home will try to survive tonight to force a game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs. Lastly, the Portland Trail Blazers will get another chance to closeout their series against the Houston Rockets at home.

Earlier this week the Miami Heat swept the Charlotte Bobcats four games to none to advance to the second round. They will face the winner of the Raptor-Nets series.

The Washington Wizards also advanced earlier this week beating the Chicago Bulls four games to one. The winner of the Pacers-Hawks series will play the Wizards next.

All of the Sunday games will depend what happens with tonight’s games.



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