Good Night’s Rest

For being a college student and going out on the weekends with my friends, it’s hard to keep the same sleeping pattern. I’ve learned that in order not to feel tired through out the day it is best to try to wake up at the same time every day, and to go to bed at the same time. Obviously we have busy lives so this could change occasionally, but for the most part it is best to have a routine.

I realized that when I first started waking up early to work out, it was really rough because I was waking up almost 3 hours earlier than I normally do and my body was just not used to it. When I would start to run I could tell that I felt like I was awake, but my body was just starting to. You need to give yourself at least an hour in the morning to wake up before doing your workouts, or else they won’t seem efficient. My Aunt always wakes up at 5 a.m. and makes herself get up right away. She has some water, a banana, and then at 6 she gets ready to get on her treadmill or run outside.

Back to me. Since I do stay up pretty late on the weekends, I try my best to get my good workouts in during the week. I also usually make Monday my rest day, or just do cross training because I know I’m going to need to rebuild up my strength from not getting sleep.



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