Running doesn’t have to be running a long distance at one time, or competing in different races. Running alone is its own sport, however it is needed for endurance in other sports as well.

Obviously track is centered around running, but it’s not just focused on long distance running. There are short distance runs, along with different events such as long jump and high jump.

Football players run for endurance, along with doing different agility workouts to get their feet movements quick and sharp. Running is just a basic of what they do for workouts.

Soccer players definitely need good conditioning in order to stay in shape for game time. They probably do more short distance running and sprints rather than long distance, but it’s still running.

I went and ran 8 miles one day, and even though it was rough I felt so replenished and motivated. It made me feel so in shape because I hadn’t ran in a while. Then I went and played basketball with my friends and after a few minutes I was exhausted and sweating like a pig. Long distance and short distance runs are totally different. You have to do different conditioning and training for both, and for all different sports.


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