~ Running ~

As dorky as it sounds, Nike has been a big part of why I love running. They have amazing apparel and footwear for you to choose from. Almost all of my work out clothes are Nike, including my shoes. They literally have everything! From head bands to hats, to spandex, t shirts, tank tops, shorts, etc. You can find whatever you’re looking for at the online store, or at a Nike outlet. I don’t always wear my running shoes from Nike, but my other workout shoes are from there and they work perfectly. I like to wear loose shirts when I workout, and either Nike or Under Armour is perfect for me. I especially like the accessories, such as the bags.

I also love Nike because anything with JUST DO IT on it seriously makes me so motivated. It’s saying to me that no matter the pain, you just have to do it and you will succeed. This is my favorite quote from Nike:

“Quit making excuses, putting it off, complaining about it, dreaming about it, whining about it, crying about it, believing you can’t, worrying if you can, waiting until you’re older, skinnier, richer, braver, or all around better. Suck it up, hold on tight, say a prayer, make a plan and JUST DO IT.”

This is seriously so literal and inspirational. Every time someone wants to change something about themselves, they complain about it constantly and say they’re going to do something about it, but then they don’t. If you truly want to make something happen with your body, you have to pursue and fight through the pain. That’s what Nike does for athletes, and just regular people who want to make a change in their life.


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