Country Stars Deal with Violence

Several country music artists have dealt with violence lately, whether it be at their shows or in their personal lives.

At Chris Young’s show in Glen Falls, N.Y. he had to stop right in the middle of his hit song “You” to break up a fight happening off to the side of the stage. He told the two men to quit because their were kids in the crowd. He also said he didn’t want either of them thrown out as long as they stopped the fighting.

“Let’s just drink beer and have a good time,” Young said in a video from the incident.

At Jake Owen’s May 1 show in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he helped have a man thrown out after he punched a woman in the face. The victim said the fight began when a girl became angry that the victim was in her way, and the man she was with punched her.

Scotty McCreery dealt with his own violence when he and some of his friends were victims of a home invasion robbery at an apartment near the campus of North Carolina State University early morning on May 5.

Men burst into the apartment around 2 a.m. and took electronics, wallets and cash with them. There were no reported injuries.

Even country superstars have to deal with crime and violence. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t make them immune


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