Thompson Square Rocked EIU’s Spring Concert

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a member of the University Board concert committee for this year’s spring concert, Thompson Square. Because of my membership in this committee, I was involved in the preparation for the concert on the day of the show. I found it interesting to be behind the scenes of a country music concert and find out just what it takes to make a show run smoothly.

My main job throughout the day was sitting at the merchandise table to make sure no one messed with the t-shirts that were going to be sold later that night. I talked with the merchandise guy for Thompson Square, which I thought was really cool.

The show itself impressed me a lot. Even though I’m a country music fan, I’ve never been too fond of Thompson Square’s music. Their concert was incredible, though. There was a low turnout for the show, but the people who were there were engaged, excited, and energetic. They performed their hits in waves, starting with the high-energy, upbeat songs, working their way into the slower power ballads, and bringing it back up to speed at the end.

Something else that really impressed me about the duo was their crowd interaction. Since there was such a small group of people in attendance, it was easy for them to talk to everyone as if they were face to face. They knew about Marty’s, which is where they ended up after the show, and they were also aware that EIU only had two weeks of school left and wanted everyone to get pumped up.

I was supposed to see Thompson Square back in June as an opening act for Luke Bryan, but they had to cancel because Keifer was sick. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to see them at Eastern, because they really are a great act.


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