Best Coffee Shops in Illinois that aren’t Starbucks

Here are the 14 best coffee shops according to

1.Longbranch Coffee House (95% like it)

Carbondale, IL


2. QQ Bubble Tea (96% like it)

Carbondale, IL

QQ Bubble Tea

3. Teaspoons Cafe (97% like it)

Edwardsville, IL

Teaspoons Cafe

4. Sacred Grounds Cafe (89% like it)


5. Mokka Cafe (88% like it)

Columbia, IL

Mokka Cafe

6. The Abbey (88% like it)

Belleville, IL

the abbey

7. Beanhive Coffee House & Tea Room (95% like it)

Galesburg, IL


8. Innkeepers Coffee (92% like it)

Galesburg, IL


9. 222 Artisan Bakery (86%)

Edwardsville, IL

222 artisan bakery

10. Concious Cup Coffee (98% like it)

conscious cup coffee

11. Joe Sippers Cafe (89% like it)

beanhive coffeeehouse

12. Morris Bakery (87% like it)

Morris, IL


13. Cool Beanz (84% like it)

Rock Island, IL

cool beanz

14. Jeremiah Joe Coffee (91 % like it)

Ottawa, IL



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