Flag burning

Heavy music needs more politics

Flag burning

Image from wikipedia.org.

As someone who aspires to write about music, I love when professors incorporate rock and metal into class.

Today when taking my final exam for Advanced Composition, I had to write an essay comparing Rage Against the Machine’s song “Take the Power Back” with a theoretical journal written by Paulo Friere titled “The Banking Concept of Education.”

This particular Rage song talked about how the Eurocentric educational system drowns out other cultures, and basically how everything students learn in school is “bullshit.”

Right on.

Friere’s journal also dissects the educational system, claiming that students are oppressed by the way teachers force-feed them facts without making them think or ask questions.

Screw. That.

This got me thinking, where are all the bands today making bold statements about politics like Rage?

Well, you aren’t going to find any in the mainstream, that’s for sure.

I recently listened to an album by the Tennessee-based deathcore group Whitechapel that made some pretty bold statements about American government.

The album’s title track, “Our Endless War,” calls for straight-up anarchy and a march on Capitol Hill to show our leaders where the “true war” is.

A lot of heavy rock or metal bands nowadays talk about things like the members’ lives, emotional trouble—death is always a good one—and while these things make great topics, more bands should also make statements about real issues in their music.

This will help prove that we are metal-heads above all, not airheads.

And if anyone cares to know what I think about “Our Endless War,” check out my review.


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