Adopted Multimedia Journalist: Duckrabbit


Overview of Duckrabbit: 

Duckrabbit was founded in 2008 by Benjamin Chesterton and David White. Duckrabbit is a digital production and training company that makes compelling film and audio narratives for commercial, charity and broadcast clients.  The team members of the popular site also train photographers, videographers, journalists, researchers and communications professionals in audio-visual storytelling, production skills and online strategic communications.


Duckrabbit has won two National Press Photographers Association awards, a Picture of the Year International multimedia award and in 2013 won first prize in both the multimedia and the feature photograph categories of the British Press Photographers Association awards.  They have been shortlisted twice for the Anthropographia awards, nominated twice for Amnesty International Media Awards and once for the Prix Bayeux conflict journalism trophy.


Most people who are interested in photojournalism and / or multimedia content will come across Duckrabbit at some point in their multimedia endeavors. The team of Duckrabbit produce their own work for media outlets and Not-for-Profits, but they also host consistently lively debates about the nature of multimedia content and what we should be doing as journalists. The site has been described as edgy, informative, and innovative. The material on Duckrabbit is meant to stimulate the mind and cause people to think about the world in a different way than they already do.

Duckrabbit aims to provide “intensely personal storytelling” through their site. The stories on their blog connect readers to the person being described in the story. The way the writers of Duckrabbit share their content brings their readers into an entirely different world from their own. 

Stories on Duckrabbit include social issues such as HIV, homelessness, hunger and many more. They target people that are going through intensely difficult issues and battles and make these people known to the public. Duckrabbit aims to advocate for the issues happening everyday in our world by making them seem more personal. They do this by exposing people’s stories in an emotional and highly personal manner. They get up close and personal with the characters in their story and dive into their deepest worries, struggles, and darkest thoughts. Sometimes the best way to truly understand an issue is to hear about it through someone that is actually dealing with that issue.

Duckrabbit also aims to understand all different types of people. They follow the different careers of people that have difficult or odd jobs that many people do not know about. Duckrabbit’s goal is to bring the people that are often overlooked to life through their stories. They expose different elements of life that may not be well-known to the general public.

Overall, Duckrabbit is an absolutely excellent multimedia site with truly emotional and powerful content. The work of the Duckrabbit team provokes emotion in a way that makes readers remember the stories of those featured in Duckrabbit’s work.

Clients of Duckrabbit include: The Times, Greenpeace, BBC, The National Forest, Worldfish, UAL, British Red Cross, theguardian, Africa Rising, Warchild, Alliance and many more. Duckrabbit’s work is available online at! Image



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