On the verge of buying new music


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As a student trapped in a small town while in college, one of the (very few) reasons I am excited to go home to Chicago for the summer is to have access to CD stores.

Yes, I am one of those old-ish people who need to have something in their hands (dirty minds, go away).

And what a tease. The only record store in town happens to be right across the street from campus.

HOWEVER. They mark the prices of the CDS up to about $17 usually. I understand that a small business in an industry that is slowly going down the tubes because the digitalization of music files will always be on edge, and it can always use my patronage.

On the other hand, I just can’t bring myself to knowingly rip myself off.

I also hate buying music online. Sure, I’ll listen to my IPod on the way to class, but I like to sit down with the lyrics book and take the time to digest an album—on my big stereo speakers.

Whenever I do review an album during the semester, I usually just use a site like YouTube or Spotify to listen to the record in advance, and if I end up liking it, I will make a list of records to buy at a future date. However much money I have to blow by then will dictate the ones I can get.

Seeing as summer is ON THE VERGE of being here, I have started thinking of the albums I want to get my hands on when I get home. Though, all of these are not guaranteed to be in stores; some of them I will probably have to order or pre-order.

  1. Whitechapel- “Our Endless War
  2. Death- “Leprosy (Deluxe Reissue)
  3. Vampire- “Vampire
  4. Black Label Society- “Catacombs of the Black Vatican
  5. Arch Enemy- “War Eternal

One album I am glad I pre-ordered during the middle of the semester was Lacuna Coil’s “Broken Crown Halo.” It came a few days early, and I even got an autographed postcard photo of the band! It’s easily one of my favorite releases from LC, especially the end song “One Cold Day.”


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