~ Running ~

Another good tip for running that I found on http://www.runningabout.com is for some people who are just starting out, it’s hard for them to get out there on their own. If you feel more comfortable and less intimidated, then try running and working out with a friend! Strength in numbers is always helpful.

Even if you don’t run at the same pace or run together side by side, it will be nice having someone else pushing you and motivating you to succeed. Whenever I run with my sister I know that she’s going to be faster than me and run ahead of me. I don’t try to stay right behind her, but I do try to keep her in some what of a close distance as a goal for myself. I personally feel that the best motivation is someone who is faster than you and trying to make it a goal to be as fast as them. Even if you aren’t or may not be, it will definitely push you in the right direction to where you wanna be physically.


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