Introduction: Cooking in College

My name is Megan Ivey. I am currently a sophomore at Eastern Illinois University. I rented my first apartment this year, and while I love the space, there’s one struggle I continue to face: cooking.
Like many college students, my life is hectic. Everyone says it, but balancing school, work and a life on top of it does not leave much room for well-prepared meals.
The first semester I took the the “ignore it” approach, meaning I did not cook at all. My diet consisted of the five fast-food restaurants my small college town offers. Needless to say, after one semester, I’m burnt out.
For the new semester, I promised myself to do one thing: learn how to cook. This blog will be for the beginner, taught by the beginner. If anything, my teachings will probably sprout from my mistakes, more like a “what not to do” cooking blog.
I plan to find delicious, inexpensive, and timely dishes to impress not only friends and family, but yourself as well.


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