Nice to meet me.

photoHi! My names is Jehad. I am a senior journalism major at Eastern Illinois University. My main focus is sports writing because I am the Assistant Sports Editor at The Daily Eastern News. I do not have a specific concentration within the journalism major, but aside from covering sports I also have become very fond of photography. I have not had much experience behind the camera up until the fall semester of 2014. In one of my classes I mentioned I was interested in getting into sports photography. It just so happened that two seats away was sitting the Photography Editor for the university newspaper.  She stopped me after class and asked if I would be interested in helping out for the paper. I was so eager to get started once I entered the newsroom.  Being a journalism major, I was hoping to get into the newspaper to cover sports. Despite my intentions, I became a staff photographer before I became a staff writer for the sports section.

I am in no way, shape, or form an expert photographer. I have days where I take nice photos and I have days where I feel like I am forgetting how to use a camera completely. I am looking to connect with the interested minds through my blog discussing my photography and everything influencing it. I would like to do my best to give tips on working in similar conditions to what I have experienced. I want to display my struggles and challenges within photography. I’d also just like to challenge myself to become a better photographer.


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