Below the Belt Problems: Male Insecurities

Todays post is for the men, but ladies please do sit back and enjoy.

So guys, more often than not, are just as insecure as females. They look over the shoulder to see the texts, want the passwords to all social media accounts, and have to know what was commented. Crazy! It is life, we all do it but recently discovered how this act of insecurity can be more than just a small issue for me.

Ever wondered why a man is so protective? Well it is in their nature of course, but what actually drives this crazed inner beast? Some of you men are afraid that whats being brought to the table isn’t enough to keep your queen at the palace. There is a such thing as speaking stuff into existence and insecurities allow this theory to be proven correct. Men I tell you now that being so insecure is not good for your health. Seriously, not just saying as a sarcastic remark.

Check out the link below and see just how jealousy leads into bad health.

In hindsight, men do as you should and you should have nothing to worry about. Get a little more fit, change your style up and surprise your partner with something new and exciting. Keep the spark don’t create a bigger problem.

No more insecurities,



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