Don’t Ruin your New Years Resolution Just for Game Day

February is coming and that means two things. We are closer to spring and also it brings the most competitive day for the football season, the Super Bowl.

That means whether you are a Seattle fan, a New England fan, or neither you will most likely find yourself on the couch come February 1st, intensely staring at the TV. The most important thing about the big super bowl party, of course, is the food.

Don’t feel guilty this year, with Alton Brown and Pinterests new ideas for a healthier choice for the big day.

Things like chips and dip, guacamole, shrimp and cocktail sauce, wings and a whole lot more are still on the list. Don’t worry! There is a healthier way to eat these, and maybe without anyone even noticing. That means your husband, dad, brother, or boyfriend can’t get mad at you for using a more healthy way of snacking.

Along with the original Super Bowl foods, there are some different options given in the post. Things like chili glazed wings, roasted peanuts, hummus, and Greek chicken salad.

While you may still be racking in calories for the drinks you are having. At least you will be eating a little healthier so you won’t back track from the hard work you have been doing for the whole month.

Hopefully, Pinterest will be posting a list of healthier options for drinks next! Then you can have a whole guilt free day watching your favorite team, and laughing at all the new Budweiser commercials.

Featured photo from Alton Brown’s Game-Day Pinterest Board


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