Don’t Snooze it! Lose it!

I am really big on the right ways to treat your body. I try to pass on my morals to friends and family but nothing ever gives. All they do is press that snooze button everyday instead of getting up and keeping active. Enough already! Like really isn’t it obvious the United States has been rated the fattest most unhealthy country ever? Okay maybe I took that too far let’s back up.

Not only because I am an athlete, all athletes aren’t the healthiest, but I really do care about my body and if I can help others stay healthy and able I will.

What does it truly mean to have a healthy body? Is that persuasion to lose weight, gain muscle, pick up a few extra pounds? What does the world want when it comes to having a healthy body. Well, I am here to tell you it more to it than the outer appearance. Having a healthy body starts with being okay on the inside, which transfer to how you appear on the outside. A few things I have picked over the years is the importance of water intake, sleep, and nicely proportioned meals. These all come together to one.

Let me just say, you are what you eat is definitely the golden slogan here. Its okay to snack, even better to eat some big meals and crash out because it was so incredibly awesome. But, there is a sun thing as over doing it and ruining your body in the process. Water is what makes up more than had of our body a source of energy that keeps us from passing out all day. Our juices can and will always be there, but try throwing a few bottles of water into your day. Sitting at the office, waiting at the kid’s practice, on a regular day out trust me it won’t hurt you it will only better you.

I don’t know about you but I value my sleep. Five minutes feels like an hour and it is nothing worse than waking up with puffy eyes due to the lack of sleep I got. When you need sleep GET IT. The new term of I don’t get tired, out there door, because yes you do we all do so get sleep.

As far as meals go, I watch my mom gobble like it is Thanksgiving at every meal she cooks. Believe me it is not a crime to just love the meal you are eating, but lets not go overboard. Leave room to eat a dessert or even a snack later. We cannot just stuff ourselves crazy.

So stop the procrastination and put a plan into effect to get on the right track to a healthier you!

Peace and no more chicken grease,



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