A day at Jackson’s Coffee Shop

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My inspiration for this photo story was the Coffee shop itself. This little coffee shop uptown is the perfect place for a college kid to study. There is soft music, and the sweet smells of coffee in the air. It is quiet and a very home felt environment. When I first walked in I thought about how many cool pictures there could be at a place so colorful, so I decided that is where I wanted to do my photo story. I could have taken more pictures with different back grounds but I decided a different type of angle I was going to take with the pictures.

Instead of making it like a regular photo shoot with one person in the picture following her around and posing. I decided to take pictures of what she would be seeing as a college kid and how the world looks from her perspective. I also shared some pictures of the scene around and some of the pictures are posed but for the most part of the story it is angles from the back of the subject looking out at something. I would have taken more like this but I also wanted to show the people and the scenery at the coffee shop.


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