Dragons of Tarkir Standard Control

With the upcoming release of the third installment of the Khans of Tarkir block, it has become obvious to me that I need to start coming up with some ideas for FNM brews and get myself ready for a new bunch of toys to play with. The way that spoilers are right now, I am absolutely hyped for some new additions to U/W/x control lists. I (and probably a lot of others as well) have felt that control decks have been a bit lacking in the current metagame. It would appear though, that we will be getting some assistance in Dragons.

The big addition that has me salivating the most is Narset Transcendent. The first thing that popped into my mind when reading this card was at the end of the -2 ability. I didn’t even read her ultimate before picturing myself dropping Narset to four loyalty counters and jamming out a nice fat Dig Through Time. It was a beautiful vision to be sure. Narset has a couple other abilities worth mentioning though. Her plus one gives a pretty decent card draw ability, especially when she’s paired with Courser of Kruphix, scry lands, or even just a blind grab is still worth it for a chance at some card advantage. Her -9 may as well say “I win” in the control mirror.

The other two cards I am psyched about are Ojutai’s Command and Anticipate. While these cards don’t have quite the impact of the amazing aforementioned planeswalker, they still fill some roles that we are missing in the current format. Ojutai’s Command offers us multiple modes, all of which are useful in certain matchups, giving us more versatility. Anticipate gives us an almost modern power level method of filtering the top of our deck to get the answers we need when Dig Through Time is not a possibility and Divination is just too clunky.

Now there is only one question remaining, what is your ideal choice for a third color? Green for some variation of Coursers, Kiora, or Satyr Wayfinder? Red for burn and Jeskai Charm? Black for better targetted removal and Thoughtseize? All are viable options, get ready to enjoy those new toys control players!


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