LG Flutter Concept Phone

Scrolling through Pinterest the other day and I came across this new idea, although it didn’t win the competition I think this idea will be something that is seen in the future. At least something like this.


The text on the picture is hard to read but basically the phone was created to be sleek to carry around when it was closed and comfortable to hold when it is opened. So the top picture is showing the product closed but you can still see the dialing numbers on the outside. So it is almost a reconstructed and way more efficient way of using a flip or slide phone. This phone designs was put into a competition, did not win but did get the Prop Master’s Choice Award. This concept replaced the idea of having a square phone that would be inconvenient in your pocket and to hold. This was put into the Design the Future competition in 2010 which was a while ago but it was brought up on my popular technology feed. Which means that it is bring more buzz to the internet, and maybe more people are becoming interested in different and more effective ways to have smart phones then the original way.

The phone that won first place for the competition design is below.


The concept of this phone is basically that it can be turned into whatever the user wants it to be. It can be a head set, wrist bracket, ring, regular touchscreen that is sleek or a headphone. These are all very popular things that people have been interested in ever since the new product that Samsung came up with, which was the watch that could be connected to your cell phone. Having all of these things that work for one phone is great for on the go people that also want the easiness of a hand held touch screen phone.


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