The Chicago Blackhawks continue to struggle as they get soundly beaten by the Philadelphia Flyers on national T.V. 4-1 in the City of Brotherly Love. The Hawks haven’t won in Philly in the regular season in 10 years and that streak seems like it won’t end any time soon.

All things considered goal tender Corey Crawford did a good job, keeping the score to only two goals when at least five other shots should have gone in. Andrew Shaw tallied the only Blackhawks goal, which came in the third period after hurting his arm attempting to check a Flyer into the boards.

The Flyers had free rain of the ice last night, beating the Hawks with speed, good passing and grit. Flyers goalie Steve Mason did a phenomenal job keeping the struggling Blackhawks at bay.

Joakim Nordstrom was out of the game, while Andrew Shaw, who hurt his arm came back and scored. Flyers players Wayne Simmonds and Andrew McDonald both got hurt blocking shots.

All in all a very dissapointing couple of games coming from the Blackhawks. Hopefully they can turn it around and keep pace with their potential playoff opponents, The St. Louis Blues or the Nashville Predators.

Flyers injuries from  Bleacher Report:


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