To Sleep… Or not to sleep?

Mind, body and soul is what keeps life moving forward. Lately i have been on the slow track with all three. Running then getting injured has worn my body out. I think way too much and deep not things that may not even exist. On top of all of that I have been soul searching, learning myself and trying to find out my morals.

Thats not what todays post is about, I Need SLEEP!

Have you ever just been so worn down to the bone? No really I mean a complete reck, just a mess in your own mess. it is such a struggle, and all I can ask myself is to sleep… or not to sleep? When I think about it, I am content on taking a breather and getting everything done and shutting my eyes for rest from heaven. But, in reality I am freaking exhausted with screwed up time management and a “To-Do List” about 3ft long. I never really believe in good or bad time management, because you either made time to do it or you didn’t because something was more important, but once you break your routine cycle… it is hard to get back on track. Everything was so in place and now sleep is not an option if i want to get all my tasks completed, but then again, sleep is an option and my list will just keep growing. Eventually something will have to suffer.

Moral to my horrific story of complaint is that sleep is so mandatory. Your mind nor your body can function without the proper rest. if I had to, yes I would definitely sacrifice my sleep to get jobs done, but I can’t kill my body that way.

So, if your having these “walking dead” problems like me, I advise you to make a list of what is important and get it done while the energy is high, no lazing around or procrastinating. Once the important things are done, make a new list for a new day, take a chill pill and SLEEP.

This is the first step to getting back into a good-flowing, manageable, timely routine.




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