Quote of the Day

Today I decided to pick an inspirational quote of the day. There are a lot of pictures and quotes out there that people look at every day. Whether that be to find a good quote to use for a Instagram picture, or to find a quote that makes their day just a little better. I think that it is such a cool thing that people have started this new trend and I hope that it sticks.

This is my quote of the day:



I love this quote because it relates to a lot of things. Right now it relates to me because I have a lot of decisions to make about my life and my future being a college student. I can either sit back and let other people rise above me or I can take action for myself. And actually do something that is worth it while I am here. It relates to people taking that next step or chapter in their lives. They can either sit back, or actually do something. It relates to people that have a job that they don’t love and they never will love. They can also either sit back, or stand up and do something. I also like this quote because I can hear someone powerful saying it. It is a powerful statement in itself but the way that it is shown shows that it is someone wise talking to someone who needs advice. I also like that it is showing life in a positive way. Saying that don’t look at yourself falling but instead look at how far you have come.


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