What A Mind

When you’re a child, you never expect what the adults say to come true. Honestly, you never think about what has been said to you until years later.

My family used to always tell me not to grow up to fast and I always wondered what that meant… and today less than an hour ago, I figured it all out.

I am a sophomore in college, a student-athlete that volunteers and works for the school media publications and one day may look to join a sorority. I feel like just yesterday I was five years old starting school, becoming a big girl. I didn’t at all know that life was going to move this fast. Now that I’ve put myself in the position to see it and comprehend the saying, I feel like I can take advantage of the moment. I am now ready to find my purpose and put all my talents into effect for the greater good.

These first two years of college have taught me real world lessons. I have gained a strength and confidence I need to succeed and survive in this cold world. Sometimes what’s best is not always the better option and what’s worse is not always the wrong way to go.

This being said, if you’re reading this, I hope to encourage you. I hope to change someone’s mentality to be strong minded.

All the problems you have do come with solutions, all of the tears you shed do come with strength and all of the love given comes with a blessing. Let it sink in that time really does fly. I know now to make the time I do have count and the material things last.

With love, peace and joy.

Camelia Nicholson


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