Fundraising and Advertisements on Pinterest

There has been new change with Pinterest. In the past it has been that Pinterest is a place were people can express there ideas and different new things that people are doing around the world. There has been recent posts where people are advertising and fundraising different events and products. To me that isn’t what Pinterest was made for, that makes it like any other shopping website or trading website like E-bay and Amazon. It is a good way to get the word around to different costumers and different types of people but I think it will also push some people away that do not want to see it.


This link shows the fundraising post that I came upon today while I was looking through some of the popular pins. I think that it is something that people are pinning because it is for a good cause but at the same time there has been many scams from donating on the internet before. I just don’t know if i really trust these random posts and I don’t really know if it is the right place to be posting about these things.


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