DIY: Tick Repellent for Dogs

Pinterest has so many different ways to make things from different materials that makes it cheaper and easier for you to do something. I think that it is awesome that there are so many different ideas circling through this community. People share ideas that they don’t necessarily have to share and then other people use them and try different things. The post below is a tick repellent for dogs, that you can make at home. This is something that you would never think of making because it can be found at the store but you don’t really know what is in it and you are putting it on something that you love. Your animal.


Ticks are something  that a lot of dogs get and it is something that most people are looking for another way to get rid of other than just putting chemicals on a dogs skin. Also it can be used for humans because ticks can be spread from dogs to humans. This is a common thing because people don’t really know how to get rid of ticks.


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