Shaded Eyebrows

There is this new trend that was started with models and that is shading in your eyebrows so they are darker then your hair color and more defined. This is something that most younger generation girls are doing and something that children and other younger kids are starting to see. I think this is not only weird looking but something that does not necessarily need to be done. Girls with really light blonde hair are coloring their eyebrows to a darker blondish brown color and it doesn’t match and also you can tell that they are colored in. Then girls with light brown hair are coloring their eyebrows to be a dark brown, It doesn’t look natural and the shapes that people are doing also look fake. Your eyebrows are shaped the way they are for reason not for you to go and make up your own shape and keep fixing them so they look the same that they did when you got them done. This not only costs money but it is tedious and it is something that needs to be done very often because your hair is always growing.


The link above is someone showing how to shade your brows in and what to use. I think that these look okay because the color doesn’t really change. just the shape and how dark they really appear. It isn’t a really bad change but I don’t really think that they look bad in the first place, nothing really needed to be done.


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