My Natural Love

About 9 months ago, I decided to go natural.

Natural- the original state of something

So yes, I cut all of my hair off just to start over and grow my hair again. It makes me feel like a baby who is growing up with abrupt changes in just weeks. But, anyway, my hair was lengthy, I’d say down my back. It was full of chemical product that initially changes your hair for the worst. Is everybody effected by this? not at all but it does harm the scalp in more ways than none. When I cut my hair it was tragic, the whole experience has been a roller-coaster. Now that its is growing back I love it more and more everyday! No doubt, it was probably the biggest decion I’ve made in my life so far but ell worth it.

The whole point to this post is, find something worth doing in life at least one thing outside of what is said to be mandatory and enjoy being you.

A girl finding herself,



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