How to Study For Finals



The word itself stresses out any student. It is the most unorganized and chaotic time of the whole school year. You are trying to get that 90% A, instead of having a 89% because you know that your parents will kill you if you come home with more B’s then A’s again for the second semester.

Honestly, you do not know finals until you get to college. High school was hard but there was a lot of people you know in your classes that you have been going to school forever with. College you are all on your own to go to class every day and to take notes and then to do something with those notes to make sense for the final essay or the multiple choice death list that you have been dreading since you first walked into the class and they said it was going to be a comprehensive final.

But this link shows some really good tips on studying and how to make sure that you are completely ready for your finals.

There are tons of links like this on Pinterest to help people out with some good tips on studying and getting organized from the first day of class to the last.


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