I am really big on horoscopes, I believe the astrology outlook on one’s self tells a lot about a person. Most people don’t believe in horoscopes because they are said to be fictional opinions, but I beg to differ.

So where do these astrological characters come from? Wouldn’t we all like to know, I would love to do a research project on it and see what actually brought this about. I feel like I would find out too much, though, it would make for a cool documentary.

So, I am a Capricorn. Ultimately, the most ambitious sign of the zodiac, but on the con side we are the most emotional draining beings a live. I feel bad knowing I can just suck the life out of the party. Oh well, Capricorns are destined for greatness, we are the sign that has the utmost respect for structure and discipline. Success is not an option for us it is a mandated part of our lives. To fail only sends us into a great depression, and when a Capricorn s depressed stay away because your whole day will change just off of our vibe.

I like my sign. Its an earth sign and although so serious of  person, that determination and drive makes up for so much of the negatives given to us.

Zodiac Attack,



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