Cinco De Mayo!

Burrito Bowl Bar Idea


Even though Cinco De Mayo is a day devoted to Mexicans and their culture that doesn’t mean that every family can’t celebrate with their favorite mexican dish and a couple margaritas.

I think that this idea above for a burrito bowl bar is such a good idea. It is so easy to prepare because basically you just need all the ingredients and you can either go all out with the ingredients or just keep it simple. I think this idea came from the big “Chipotle Craze.”  Everyone has either reheard of Chipotle, been there, love it, or wishes they had one by them so they could try it. There are other restaurants that are having the same sort of idea at Chipotle.

I think that this is also a good idea because people like when they know what is going into their food and they like having a say in what is in their dish.

People can use this as a good way to try new things and maybe if they don’t really like mexican food there is a way around the whole bar to make a creation that is simple for they’re liking.


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