Glitter Photograph


I wanted to do this post about a photograph that I have seen people do lately. This picture was taken while someone was blowing colorful glitter. I really like the background and the way that the glitter looks blurry and focused in spots. I think it is really cool also because I have tried one of this pictures and it was really hard to see the glitter.

One of the positive things that they did with this photograph is that they used really colorful glitter and then the way that they edited the drastic dark corners and the light warm colors on her face.

My advice for people who want to try the famous glitter picture, is to make sure that they have a face shutter speed set and take multiple frame pictures. Also use big glitter, not fine glitter because it won’t show up as well.

Another thing is to make sure that they blow the glitter straight at the camera and stare into the lens. I like how they did this with this picture.


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