Ever felt like you were just running on an empty tank of gas?

Like, my whole world seems to close in as the hours of a day come to an end. 24 hour is not enough time, let alone 60 minutes to make an hour. I feel like I am so cheated when it comes to time. Like time is a person almost. This is the person who plays with us until we lose our mind and fail or succeed. I know that  when I really need to do something, I cannot get time to slowdown for anything in the world. Time just flies and it’s all because it knows you have things to do. When its something you really dread, maybe like a part-time job, Time moves slower than slow and time knows you”re trying to get off work to go home and relax. That has to be some of the thirty longest minutes in anyone’s life.

Call me crazy, ha! I know, I just have a curious mind.

Gas level: E,



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